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March 03 2018

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Jared Joslin …..Floral Still Life with a Snake Eating a Frog

March 02 2018


Sometimes she thought about her heart, and wondered how it was doing without her. But the girl was never curious enough to go and find out.

Except once, when she almost went back to see.
Except once, when she woke up one morning convinced that she was in love. All over her, her skin felt softer even than her breath, and her eyes felt wider, clearer, dreamy, lashed and lidded with an unknown stuff that had drawn a man in. For a week, she washed and dried and rubbed cream into her body with a special, happy care, and she realised that she was preparing her body for caresses. She found a taste for cold things that released their sweetness slowly - ice cream that slid down her throat before she could taste it, tinned peaches in chill syrup.
But there was no heart there in her chest.
When the girl remembered this, she forced herself to eat a bite of mashed plantain, and the first swallow was hard. But after that, life stepped straight again.

— Helen Oyeyemi, “Mr. Fox” 
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March 01 2018

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saturday, january 20th; walked home from ballet the long meandering route, in warm (warm!) weather, first walk i’ve been on in a long while. 

also, that studio selfie: you can’t tell but they’re blue corduroys, and forest green hiking boots, and i aspire to always look as gay as i did that day (with a fine bisexual haircut to round it out). 

February 28 2018


nice things about being autistic




-hearing tiny beautiful sounds like water droplets and leaves crunching
-knowing lots of fun trivia from special interests over the years
-brightly colored things that make ur eyes happy
-that feeling when someone asks you to tell them about sth you know a lot about and it’s infodump time !!!!!!
-the Good Foods™
-when ur logical and rational thinking helps you solve a problem or think of something other people wouldn’t
-nice textures are So Nice: cats, very soft blankets, smooth and cold stones, the inside of a brand new sweatshirt

(we could all use some autism positivity. pls reblog and add ur own! it’s ok if they contradict each other or if u don’t relate to all of them; we’re all different)

-finding out you share echolalia with someone, and echoing it back and forth!

-when someone shares something because it’s related to a special interest of yours!

-when someone shares that your special interest thing consistently and specifically reminds them of you!!!

-helping other people explore their autistic experiences, and inevitably learning something about your autism from them too!

-friend is stimming, I stim too, echo stims ad infinitum~

-hey, that stim toy you just got looks cool, wanna switch stim toys for a bit? Cool? Yeah, awesome - oh, this is really good! Okay, let’s switch back now.

-seeing other people stimming, especially in public!!! what a joy!!

-sharing info about a special interest with someone, and seeing them get interested too - esp. when they get long term or really deeply into it!!

-getting excited pictures from friends of their new stim toys, or precious objects

-long distance autie connections - “I wish you could have been here, it was sooooo soft!!!”

- how vibrantly happy you can get!

- realizing something you do is an Autistic Thing and suddenly it’s not weird and there are other people who do the same!

- relating to animals!

- scented candle stores!

- unique happy stim dances!

- having plushie collections <3 <3

- that moment when you find out someone shares a special interest and it’s Special Interest Collision Supernova!

- epic reference retention capacity!

- the sheer amount of love and positivity in our community!

February 27 2018

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In The Woods

by Lucy Grossmith

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Christine (Antonio Campos, 2016)

February 26 2018

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February 25 2018

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Nicolai Astrup (Norway, 1880-1928)

Old Cotter’s Farm 1920

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John Henry Dearle for Morris & Co. - Tapestry - Greenery - 1892 - via Wikimedia

February 24 2018

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Bear In Snow - Takeuchi Seiho , Japan, 1940 

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Available as prints in my shop! 🏰

February 23 2018

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Hover ~ Somewhere Along The Oregon Coast ~ 13 August 2016
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Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works.


went to work today with chocolate stains on BOTH legs of my sweatpants in case anyone was wondering what peak depression looks like 

February 22 2018

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Ichneumon and Cobra, Egyptian, engraved gem

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Scissor collection. Oh Happy Day.

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