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this is gulliver, the ugliest and most beautiful baby rat in existence, and my absolute best friend. 

he’s a dumbo (side-set ears) AND a double rex (two copies of the rex gene, which gives curly hair – check out those whiskers! – but on double rexes the curly hair only grows to a certain length before it breaks so he’ll forever be patchy and kinda hairless). he and his two albino double rex siblings are noticeably smaller than the rest of their litter (all dumbos as well), but they get twice the snuggles because everyone seems to sense their need for extra warmth and love. 

while we’re keeping the double rexes, we do have multiple baby dumbo rats available for good homes! many of them are siamese and we also have black + white, grey + white, and a few light beige patterns. so legitimately if anyone’s in toronto/gta and has been wanting rats, hmu. they’re all hand-raised and incredibly affectionate and make such great pets. 

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