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the other night i dreamt i was in a video game set in some evil warrior-infested museum and five giant warriors hit my pals and me with a “you may only pass if you can beat us in this one challenge.” i should mention we’re the size of their knee-high boots. 

them: “you think you’re such mighty warriors?” 
me, inwardly: sure as fuck don’t seeing as i broke my tiny wooden sword during a LOADING scene, but go on-
them: “your challenge is to take down our mightiest warrior, glorg.” 

my two pals each take one of glorg’s hands as i draw my sword’s sheath (work w/ what u got) in preparation of a good old Group Beat-Down, and then am kicked out of the way as my pals lead glorg down a red velvet-carpeted staircase nearby, to much applause. “very well, he has been taken down. you may proceed.” 

i woke up mad at my brain not only for cleverly besting me, but doing it with my greatest weakness: a play on words. 

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